N.ot W.ithout A.lonzo is a full-length documentary feature film about the early years of West Coast Hip-Hop  told through the eyes of "The Godfather of West Coast Hip-Hop," Grand Master Lonzo.


Wisper is a full-length narrative film based on the true story of Josiah Wisper, a Northern New Jersey business man that tragically lost his family to murder. 


Blazed and Amused is a full-length narrative film about Jimmy Cantrell, an out of work comedian, in serious trouble. Unless his girlfriend, Yola and dimwitted friend, Dontae, can discover a way to help him out, Jimmy is doomed.


The Last Vial is a short-length film about a couple, Hank and Maddie. They struggle to hide their identities as 'zombies' after humans believe they have eradicated the infected from the face of the Earth. 


Waiting on Sasquatch is a short-length film about a father and son on a trip to find a mythical being. The son discovers that the creature that has been eluding him the longest is sitting right in front of him. 


Always Have A Plan B is a You Tube series featuring current and former athletes from the professional and amateur ranks. Each episode features a plan b story of the athlete featured.